BVI Bound

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands


We love to sail in the British Virgin Islands.

The British Virgin Islands, the BVI, are over 50 islands in the Carribean. They are perfect islands for sailing and have a large tourist and charter industry. Great sailing winds, relaxed people and plenty of small islands and beaches make this a favorite destination for many vacationers.

We like to sail there because:

  • The people are super friendly – both the local people and all the people there to sail.
  • It’s very sailing friendly with lots of charter companies, businesses that cater to sailors, mooring balls and a bar on every beach to get ice or food.
  • It’s easy sailing.
    • The winds are consistent but not too strong.
    • The islands (except for Anegada)are all line of sight.
    • There are no tides.
    • The weather is always nice, between 70 and 80 degrees F.
  • The islands are not over developed. While there are plenty of restaurants, there isn’t a lot of shopping except in Road Town and Virgin Gorda.
  • The water is warm and the snorkelling is amazing!

Feel free to leave a note below about your favorite trip to the BVI – or tell us what your dream trip would be.

Come explore, learn and share with us!

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