Getting Started Guide

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) comprise over 50 islands in the Caribbean. Everyone’s first question is how to decide where to go. These islands are perfect for sailing and offer a wide range of charter companies to choose from. With great sailing winds, relaxed locals, and plenty of small islands and beaches, the BVI is a favorite destination for many vacationers. Other common questions include “When should I go?” and “What should I pack?” Eventually, people also ask how to get there and how to buy groceries for a sailing trip. Thinking about chartering a yacht and sailing around the British Virgin Islands? These steps will help you plan your trip:
  1. Choosing a yacht charter company
  2. Planning your itinerary
  3. How to buy food for your vacation on a boat
  4. Getting to the British Virgin Islands
  5. Estimating costs
  6. Packing for your trip
We love sailing in the British Virgin Islands because:
  • The people are incredibly friendly – both the locals and fellow sailors.
  • It’s very sailing-friendly with numerous charter companies, businesses catering to sailors, mooring balls, and beach bars for ice and food.
  • The sailing is easy.
  • The winds are consistent but not too strong.
  • The islands (except for Anegada) are all line of sight.
  • There are no significant tides.
  • The weather is always pleasant, between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The islands are not overdeveloped. While there are plenty of restaurants, shopping is limited to Road Town and Virgin Gorda.
  • The water is warm, and the snorkeling is amazing!
Come explore, learn and share with us!

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