Storing stuff between trips or during your trip

Photo by ucumari

If you’d like to store stuff like snorkeling gear between trips to the BVI, you can use a storage place like Store-it BVI. For a price they’ll store your gear for a month or a year and even bring it to your charter boat. Except for the fishing poles (which are stored at a reasonable $5/year), I don’t really think the rest of it is worth it. You don’t generally bring so much stuff on a charter that you can’t bring it with you.

They’ll also store stuff for you while you are on charter, like your luggage. That might be helpful if you combined several types of activities and now have a bunch of stuff that won’t fit easily on a boat. Note that most of the charter companies will also keep it for you but it’s not always in the most secure location.

Anybody store gear between trips? If so, what type of things do you store?