Tip: Give every crew member a unique bottle

waterbottlesGive everybody on your boat their own unique water bottle. Have each of them pick something fun and bring it along. While on the boat, everyone can refill their water bottles from the plastic gallon water bottles you buy.

This will:

  • Cut down on trash. You can bring just gallon water bottles along and fill up the individual bottles as you go. Less trash to stow and dispose of as you go.
  • Cut down on dish washing. There’s no dish washer on the boat, so if you decide to save on trash and have people use glasses, you’ll do a lot of dish washing.
  • Save water. When you use generic plastic bottles, they get mixed up and people end up leaving them half full every where or tossing them out.
  • Keep everyone healthy. Even when surrounded by lots of water, it’s important to stay hydrated. Especially if you’re moving a lot and hanging out in the heat. If everyone has their own water bottle, you can make sure everyone drinks as least a bottle or two a day. Especially helpful for kids.
  • Save money. You can buy water by the gallon instead of in smaller quantities.

I recommend a water bottle for everyone. Keep a gallon of water in the cooler. Fill everyone’s bottle up in the morning. Throw them in a cooler to take the beach with you during the day.