Don’t blindly trust

Photo by moominmolly

I think M Robertson’s point is a really good one. You shouldn’t follow someone else’s advice just because you think they have more experience than you.

So just because the boat in front of you is approaching Anegada and looks like they know what they are doing, doesn’t mean that you should just follow them. (And I have talked to people that do this, scary as that is.)

You can and should use other people for data points. If everyone else seems to be approaching Anegada from a different point, perhaps you should recheck what you are doing. (That’s happened to me!) If everyone else is reefing, perhaps you should figure out if you should reef. But just because that boat in front of you pulled into that cove, doesn’t mean you can.

I just read an account the other day of a boat with a folding keel that entered Anegada. Someone without a folding keel almost followed them in!

What’s a time your decision making process has saved you? Or almost got you in trouble?