Scrub Island, ready or not?

Scrub Island is a new resort scheduled to open in the British Virgin Islands this month. Local residents and sailors alike have been watching its slow progress over the last couple of years.

Scrub Island has been targeting some of those vacationers with emails. The latest email I got promised a:

“Ocean-View Room for $399 a night – Available only from Feb. 11 to March 31, 2010 Scrub Island”

However, recent pictures of the island show a lot of development going on still. Not what I’d expect from a $399/night resort. (I did find the deal available on their website starting Feb 14th. There were also suites available – a one bedroom suite is $549. And a “meal plan” was an additional $115/night.)

This picture from JoshA from Virginia was taken recently:

There are more pictures on the Scrub Island Blog as well. [Update: the Scrub Island Blog now has some good pictures of the common areas.]

Are you planning a trip to Scrub Island? Have you recently gotten back? Tell us your story!