Where to stay on Anegada

picture of blue water and white sand
Cow Wreck Beach

Where as I love sailing around the islands in the BVI, Frank would happily spend the entire week on Cow Wreck’s Beach on Anegada. In case you feel the same way, here’s some info on where to stay on Anegada.(It’s also a good alternative if you have little kids or someone who doesn’t do so well on boats.)

If you come on your boat, there’s only one harbor you can stay in at Anegada. You can grab one of the moorings or you can anchor. Be sure to check the charts and anchor somewhere deep enough for your boat. It can get windy at night.

  • Anegada Beach Club. Glamping a couple of feet from the ocean with an awesome restaurant.
  • Anegada Beach Cottages. They have several villas. No AC. No restaurant but close to some places to eat.
  • Neptune’s Treasure. Good restaurant. On the harbor, not the beach.
  • Anegada Reef Hotel. 20 room hotel, food-included, on the beach. The original owner was well loved by regular visitors. His kids run the hotel now.
  • Ann’s Guest Houses on Cow Wreck Beach has 4 guest houses, a gift shop and a bar with lots of games on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.