To take your Kindle sailing or not?

The last time we went sailing I debated whether or not to take my Kindle.

Reasons to take it:

  • I could carry all my books (usually five or so) in one little gadget.
  • I could carry it in a waterproof case. (The paperback books get pretty dog eared and wet. With a Kindle you can turn the pages while it’s in the case.)
  • The technology is good enough to read in the sun.
  • I could get a particular book easily. So if I wanted the sequel to the book I just read, I could just buy it.
  • I could use the wireless for internet access.

Reasons not to take it:

  • I might lose it.
  • I might get it wet. Even in a waterproof case.
  • I might drop it in the ocean and it would sink.
  • I might leave it on the beach when snorkelling and someone might take it.
  • I wouldn’t be able to share the books I finished reading.

In the end I didn’t take it. But I use it so much now, I think it’ll go along on the next trip.

What do you think? Should you take your Kindle sailing? Do they belong on boats?


  1. We’ve had the Sony E-reader for several years and have taken it on 3 sailing charters. We travel carry on luggage only and it’s made all the difference. Instead of 9 books jammed in my backpack, I have a slim little book.

  2. Sue, I agree that space is one of the main reasons to take one.

    Did you ever leave your E-reader on the beach while snorkelling? Did you worry about it?

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