Trip Reports for February 1-10, 2010

  • Arriving in Tortola BVI Harbor. Ever wondered what Tortola looks like from one of those big cruise ships?
  • NauticEd Student sailing experience in the BVI’s. Should you pay more for a newer, larger boat? I recommend paying more for a catamaran for their space. Whether you need to pay for newer equipment depends on whether or not you are ok putting up with a few oddities or waiting for a chaser boat with a mechanic every once in a while.
  • British Virgin Islands: Come Sail Away. The trip was a couple of years ago, but the author is dreaming of the islands from her cold, snowy home.
  • A Day with the Whale Listener. Jane Bakewell spends a day with Paul Knapp, the whale listener. He’s been camping at Brewers Bay Campground ever year for the past 25 years in search of whale songs.
  • Training Ship Kennedy from Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Local BVI students got a change to tour the ship.
  • A View of the BVIs. Are BVIs too touristy? This person thinks so. A very long, detailed report of their stay in the British Virgin Islands.
  • BVI Notes. Brigadoonboat shares his tips from his trip to the BVI. Several are contrary to what most people do. He suggests anchoring instead of mooring because mooring balls fill up and he suggests using your holding tank – something I think most charter companies won’t allow.
  • Back in the U.S.S.A. This cruise ship passenger used their stop in Tortola to check out charter boats. The prices they were quoted seem very high.
  • Gorda Challenge, BVI. A runner trains on Virgin Gorda where the hills can be a challenge!

Have you been blogging about the BVI recently? Let us know.

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  1. Dear Miss Mermaid has been blogging about the BVI for 10+ years!

    She also wrote the hilarious “Hurricanes and Hangovers (and other tall tales and loose lies from the Coconut Telegraph)”

    Read her blogs at

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