Tell us when your next trip is!

Photo by Julien Haler
Photo by Julien Haler

The reason this blog post is called “BVI Bound” is because we believe that once you’ve been to the BVI, you’ll be bound to go back. You’ll always be BVI Bound.

We only get to visit every year or two, but we love planning and dreaming about it. We just booked our next trip! We have a Lavezzi 40 from CYOA booked next November. Now we have 10+ months to dream and plan …

When’s your next trip planned for? What do you dream of doing?


  1. We are going to the BVI January 18, 2013 – in 18 days. We are chartering through TMM. I have been there three times. I read that Foxy’s moved?? Is there anything new we need to be aware of or suggestions, i.e. snorkling, good places to eat, sharks (for some reason I am concerned about sharks this time although I know sightings are rare?) It has been awhile since we have sailed there, 2006.
    Thanks for your time, Andi

  2. I don’t think Foxy’s has moved … I think it’s been rebuilt when weather has torn it down.

    I’ve never heard of any shark attacks in the BVI. If you are lucky, you may see one while snorkeling, but I would not worry about them. A turtle once freaked me out though! I rolled off the dinghy into the water and came face to face with a giant sea turtle. Once I calmed down, it was awesome!

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